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The All on 4 treatment is a dental solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis same day or the days after the surgery, this through only four implants, which are colocated, two in the straight anterior two tilted up to 45º in the posterior.

All on 4 in Mexico
All on Four Implants Mexico

All on 4 Price Mexico Comparison

All on 4 is a non-graft procedure with immediate function, it is very popular for its practicality and functionality, however, the number of implants depends on the quality of the bone.
The cost of All on Four in Mexico is up to 70% more affordable than in the United States and up to 63% accessible than in Canada.

Prices All on 4 in Mexico

*At Smile Makeover, we have prices for this treatment from $9, 800USD

All on 4 Costs in Playa del Carmen

All on 4 is a very popular treatment due to its effectiveness in the treatment and restoration of the full arch, it regularly consists in the colocation of 4 implants, however, as we have previously mentioned, the bone quality will determine the total number of implants, which can range up to 6 dental implants.
Below you will find the All on 4 Cost Mexico and the prices for other restorative treatments. These costs detail what the process includes and what doesn’t, if you want to receive a personalized quote, Contact Us.

Popular Treatment

All on 4

  • From $9, 800 USD
  • Save over $20,000 USD
  • $3,600 USD per 4 Implants
  • Immediate function

All on 5

  • Immediate function
  • Very effective to the upper jaw
  • $4,500 USD per 5 Implants
  • Price in USA: $40,000-$56,000

All on 6

  • For cases of severe bone resorption
  • Minimally invasive
  • $5,400 USD per 6 Implants
  • Greater stability

Included: Consultation, Models, Pictures, Periapical X-Ray, Panoramic X-Ray, 3D CBCT Scan, Surgical Guides, Medications, Aveloplasty / Bone Remodeling, Local Anestesia.

Not Included: Extractions, Bone Graft, Reabsorbable Membrane, Intravenous Conscious Sedation, Nitrous, Temporary Healing Denture, Immediate Load Denture, Fixed Restorations.

All on 4 Fixed Restorations

At Smile Makeover Mexico, we offer 3 permanent restoration options for your All on 4 procedure, while other dental clinics in the Riviera Maya only offer 1. Below, you will find the characteristics of each fixed restorations, it is worth mentioning that none it’s better than the others, those are simply different, with distincts advantages and disadvantages.

Composite Full Arch Dental Restoration

Composite Full Arch

This type of restoration lasts from 2 to 8 years, is highly aesthetic and moderately resistant to fractures, wear and stains. One of the Main advantages of the PEEK Framework is it’s elastic qualities.

Fixed Hybrid Denture

Fixed Hybrid Denture

Fixed Hybrid Denture lasts from 2 to 6 years, is highly aesthetic, moderately resistant to fractures and stains, but low resistant to wear. This Restoration has been in place for over 40 years, and have been improved over time.

Prettau Bridge fix dentures

Prettau Bridge

This type of restoration lasts from 2 to 12 years, is moderately aesthetic but highly resistant to fractures, wear and stains. These Restorations are also known as Zirconia Superstructures Zirconia Hybrid Denture or Prettau Zirconia Bridge.

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