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Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is a prosthetic denture that is permanent fixed to the mouth using titanium implants. The Acrylic made denture contains a titanium bar that is screwed to the implants securing the entire arch in place creating that all natural look.

  • The titanium bar will be covered with a coloured acrylic that matches your natural gums. As each individual is different the shape and colour of both the gums and teeth will be fabricated to match your shade for the best aesthetic outcome, by our highly trained lab technicians.

  • Not to place too much pressure on the titanium bar the Implant fixed prostheses consists of an acrylic resin base and artificial yet natural looking Diamond Acrylic teeth.

  • Fabrication of the acrylic denture is milled through our CAD/CAM technology. Providing precise size and shape to the artificial tooth. Through technology all that will be needed is slight adjustments from our restorative specialist making sure your bite is 100% perfect before leaving home.

  • No, the bar cannot be removed daily they are fixed dentures that will only be removed by a trained dentist making sure the area underneath the titanium bar is clean at all times. They still need to be cleaned daily by brushing as you would your natural teeth.

  • Ideally a 3D CB/CT scan will be the best x-ray to evaluate the jaw, bone levels, bone density, sinus cavities, and determining bone structure and tooth orientation, locating origin of pain or pathology. Alternatively a PANORAMC X-RAY will provide our specialist with a 2D image of your entire mouth giving a general outlook of the bone structure and nasal cavities.

  • To restore your implants with a fixed hybrid denture a recommended stay of 10 days is suggested, this will ensure sufficient time for the dentures to be fitted and fixed and any adjustments that need to be done ensuring a perfect fit before returning home.

  • A 5 year warranty is applicable to all fixed restorations however a Fixed Hybrid Denture is made to last a life time with your help of good¬† oral hygiene and regular check-ups.

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