Welcome to the Best Dental Clinic in Playa del Carmen

At Smile Makeover Playa del Carmen we are proud of our impressive dental clinic and we are pleased to present our beautiful, comfortable and functional  facilities. Our mission is to make your visit an unforgettable experience, continue reading reading to know the exclusive benefits we offer you.

Dental Facilities

Our facilities are fully equipped with state of Art Technology, to know more about our clinic continue reading.

Additional Benefits

We offer you free transportation for you and 4 people more, to know the specificactions by clickyng

Travel Assistance

At Smile Makeover, we help you to plan each detail of your Dental Vacation with our travel assistance and more services.


Dental facilities

Our Dental Clinic is planned to be a relaxing place for you and the best environment for our staff to do their best work. The quality of our facilities is competitive with any others around the world, we count with spaces fully equipped thought to give you outstanding results and comfort.

Relaxed Atmosphere

The patient’s experience is fundamental to make your visit something pleasant, that’s we work hard every day on making our clinic a relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful place to be.
The treatment rooms are set with adequate lighting and elements which reflect elegance; we carefully select each component of environment such as to scents, music, materials, etc.

Functional Enviroment

We planned the workplace of our whole staff as a light-filled, beautiful, and ergonomic dental clinic, which allows them to do their best work with comfort.

The Dental Lab is equipped with state of the Art Technology (Intraoral Scanners, CAD/CAM Technolgy, Full in-house Laboratory, etc.) to make the best Dental Work for you.

Hygienic Medical Grade

Often a medical-grade floor for treatment rooms is rather cold and sterile, for that, we have bet to a beautiful Marmol-effect finish, which allows us to keep the sanitary standards and provide a yet warm and inviting for patients and staff.

Sterilization and cleaning at our dental facilities are basic pillars to guarantee to every patient zero risks of contagion from any disease.

Additional benefits

At Smile Makeover Playa del Carmen we are committed to providing the best service to our patients, for this reason we have carefully thought on each detail of the travel assistance in order to offer you an unique experience.

Free Airport Transportation

We will provide free transportation for you and your party of up to 4 people. In order to schedule an Airport pick up on your arrival to Playa del Carmen, we must receive your full flight details with the name of the Airline, flight number, time of arrival, number of people in your party and the hotel or destination you will be staying at.
This information must be gathered no later than 2 days before your arrival or we cannot guarantee your transportation. Transportation hours are from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Transportation to and from visits

We will provide complementary transportation to and from all of your appointments at our dental clinic if you are staying in the Playa del Carmen. For patients staying in Riviera Maya or Tulum, we will provide the initial transportation and any other transportation is subject to the availability of our drivers that day.
The only reason we WOULD NOT be able to do provide transportation from these places, would be if our driver’s schedules are full that day. If we cannot make the following pickups, then we help patients find a good shuttle service.

Personalized Concierge Service

When you come to us for your dental care we consider you part of our large extended family. Our Patient care team is there before you arrive to address any concerns regarding your treatment and to help coordinate appointments to our dental clinic and transportation.
You can also expect post care communication to make sure that you are holding up well with your procedure, and to address anything that you may have questions about.

Travel assistance

At Smile Makeover Playa del Carmen we are committed to providing the best service to our patients, for this reason we have carefully thought on each detail of the travel assistance in order to offer you an unique experience.

Travel Assistance

Having trouble finding nice, affordable accommodations in Cancun? You can speak to one of our Dental Advisors to help you find a place that fits your travel needs, and budget.

Insurance Claims

We are always at our best disposition to help our patients. If you have dental coverage you can bring your dental insurance forms for us to fill out, and we will help you get your claims approved so that you can enjoy more savings on your care.

Bilingual Staff

When Dental Treatments are concerned, communication is key. No worries about language barriers, our Bilingual Staff offers services in English, Spanish, French and Russian.