Dental Implants

We are leaders in Digitally Designed Implants in Mexico

Dental implants, in summary, are connectors of a custom-made crown through the natural bone of the jaw; on Smile Makeover, we offer you different types and solutions about your personal case.

We proudly offer you the ultimate Technology & Equipment in order to provide high-quality dental implanst or any other dental treatment, additionally our On-Site Dental Lab helps us by cutting timeframes by Almost 80%.

Full Mouth restoration Mexico


Smile Makeover Recovery dental implants


Types of Dental Implants

At Smile Makeover we create smiles for patients around the world, people who are looking for an affordable solution for their dental care; we are always committed to you to deliver excellence on every step of the process from the first contact to the final treatment.

We have many dental implant options, depending on your specific situation, our Specialized Dentists in Playa will talk to you about the best option for you by size (regular, mini, short and zygomatic) and / or by material (Titanium and Zirconia).

Titanium implants Playa del Carmen

Titanium Implants

From $900 USD (Per tooth)
Short implants dental treatments PDC

Short Implants

$1,200 USD (Per tooth)
Snap on dentures Mexico

Snap on Dentures

Custom Price
Holistic dental treatments Playa del Carmen

Zirconia Implants

$2,500 USD (Per tooth)
Mini implants dental treatments Mexico

Mini Implants

$450 USD (Per implant)
All on four Mexico Smile Makeover

All on Four

Custom price
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Testimonials of Dental Makeover in Mexico

Our patients have left us testimonial videos about how has been their experience and recovery on Smile Makeover, from the first contact with the clinic to the accompaniment to the airport.

You are getting closer of getting the super smile of your dreams, trust the experts and save thousands of dollars on your dental treatment.

We couldn’t be happier with our smiles

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The best dental service to an excellent price

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