Latest Dental Technology to provide you the best results

We count on state-of-the-art dental technology which allows us to offer you outstanding results with the least margin of error. Treatments perfectly planned from the beginning to the actual restorative process. We create smiles for patients from all over the world seeking an affordable solution.

Dental Chair with Intraoral camera
Dental Chairs with Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera lets have a deeper vision of the case and being more precise about the treatments that are needed.

In the same way, we can easily explain to you the actual dental situation and the process to follow.

The ergonomic form of Intraoral cameras allows us to diagnose teeth problems accurately and advise treatment.

Also, the quality of images offer visual proof to support insurance claims of patients.

3D CBCT Panoramic X-Ray
3D CBCT Panoramic X-Ray

3D CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a type of X-Ray that allows a dental surgeon to see the complete craniofacial structures. Also, he sees the bone quality, soft tissues, and even nerve pathways of a patient, all in a 3D Image. It is also helpful to plan the placement of implants and to detect tumors and/or Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ).

For the initial evaluation, we recommend wearing loose-fitting clothes. Add, we will ask you to remove any metals as earings, piercings, removable dental appliances, etc.

Dental Microscope

Our Dentists use the microscope to get more accurate and reliable dental procedures, by use of variable and adjustable magnifications and lighting.

Thanks to the grade of visibility provided, The microscope lets note caries and micro-fractures that cannot be seen with the naked eye, which simplifies and accelerates many dental procedures.

Firstly, the Dental Specialist analyses the dental pulp and X-Ray findings. The dental microscope, however, displays a large part of the pulp chamber. The big advantage is that the dentist can now see what is being treated and where.

CAD/CAM In house Lab
CAD/CAM In House Lab

CAD/CAM dental technology (Computer-Aided Design / Computer-Aided Manufacturing) allow design perfectly dimensioned crowns, manipulate shapes, and guarantee perfectly sealed margins. Also, we are able to reduce turn-around times on treatments and guarantee our work.

We are the only Clinic in Playa del Carmen to have its own full-scale CAD / CAM laboratory and milling center.

3D Printing Digital Dentistry Mexico
3D Printing for Digital Dentistry

3D printers and 3D scanners help us design high-quality dental applications that offer major reliability.

If we talk about the materials, the Dental Resins of 3D let manufacture Biocompatible Surgical Guides, Splints, Fixed patterns, Clear aligner models, and more.

We compromise to find the right solution for your dental needs, all at the right price !

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