Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

about Smile Makeover and Full Mouth Restorations in Playa del Carmen

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

  • This is a prosthetic denture that is permanent fixed to the mouth using titanium implants. The Acrylic made denture contains a titanium bar that is screwed to the implants securing the entire arch in place creating that all natural look.

  • The titanium bar will be covered with a coloured acrylic that matches your natural gums. As each individual is different the shape and colour of both the gums and teeth will be fabricated to match your shade for the best aesthetic outcome, by our highly trained lab technicians.

  • Not to place too much pressure on the titanium bar the Implant fixed prostheses consists of an acrylic resin base and artificial yet natural looking Diamond Acrylic teeth.

  • Fabrication of the acrylic denture is milled through our CAD/CAM technology. Providing precise size and shape to the artificial tooth. Through technology all that will be needed is slight adjustments from our restorative specialist making sure your bite is 100% perfect before leaving home.

  • No, The bar cannot be removed daily they are fixed dentures that will only be removed by a trained dentist making sure the area underneath the titanium bar is clean at all times. They still need to be cleaned daily by brushing as you would your natural teeth.

  • Most patients are a good candidate however an evaluation prior to starting treatment will determine if a patient is a candidate for a fixed hybrid specifically. This includes assessment of medical history, evaluation of tooth display, smile line and occlusion with the help of a 3D cone beam CT scan.

  • Ideally a 3D CB/CT scan will be the best x-ray to evaluate the jaw, bone levels, bone density, sinus cavities, and determining bone structure and tooth orientation, locating origin of pain or pathology. Alternatively a PANORAMC X-RAY will provide our specialist with a 2D image of your entire mouth giving a general outlook of the bone structure and nasal cavities.

  • To restore your implants with a fixed hybrid denture a recommended stay of 10 days is suggested, this will ensure sufficient time for the dentures to be fitted and fixed and any adjustments that need to be done ensuring a perfect fit before returning home.

  • A 5 year warranty is applicable to all fixed restorations however a Fixed Hybrid Denture is made to last a life time with your help of good  oral hygiene and regular check-ups.

Prettau Bridge (Zirconia superstructure)

  • This is a non-metal high quality ceramic material that is used to make some of the most durable and natural-looking dental Restoration. Zirconia or Zirconium Dioxide is a non-porous material which exhibits the characteristic of both ceramic and metal it is stain-resistant and does not absorb odors. Zirconia is the strongest available denture material, and it can be made to look indistinguishable from natural teeth.

  • Even though acrylic is a lighter and less expensive material they are known to become easily stained. PFM is 1 of the oldest methods of restoration but due to the difference in strength between the porcelain and metal it is known to chip after time, eventually the metal starts to show through leaving a discoloured look. Zirconium due to its exceptional strength and based on a study of over 4 years surveying 110 patients has a 99.8 success rate and is known to last a life time.

  • To maintain a Zirconia superstructure and protect your new investment it is recommended to treat them as your own natural teeth, with daily brushing and a visit to a local dentists for regular check-ups. They will remove the superstructure cleaning any hard to reach areas making sure your superstructure lasts you a lifetime.

  • To restore your surgical placed titanium implants with a 4 year warranty on your Prettau Bridge a cost of as little as $6,000 USD per arch is all that is needed to complete and restore your smile.

  • To complete your restoration stage successfully a 9 day stay is recommended.

  • We accept Master card, Visa or American Express, Cash, Bank transfer and PayPal which is the most convenient for you. Keep in mind that you will only pay for the work that is completed on each trip. It is not necessary to pay for the entire treatment on your first visit. This will help you save enough to have your Zirconia superstructure fitted and still enjoy your stay while in Playa del Carmen.

  • To ensure the success of your Zirconium superstructure and the stability of the implants, during the Osseo-integration stage you will have healing dentures to wear. As the superstructure is strong in weight and character is not recommended placing them on implants that have been recently placed.

  • As this is the final stage of your dental treatment, the painful part is over. You may experience a little discomfort once the abutments and the super structure is placed, however in a short amount of time this discomfort will not be felt as you get use to your new full set of fixed and functional  teeth.

Snap on Dentures

  • This is type of denture is fitted to surgically placed titanium Implant by means of a ball abutment and a housing and O-ring. They are considered removable dentures as the snap on and off as many times as needed to maintain good oral hygiene.

  • The snap or clip sound occurs when a very slight pressure is placed on the denture to connect with the head or ball of the abutment which is connected to the implant itself. This sounds ensures that your dentures are fixed in place and secure for you to enjoy your every day activities.

  • Normal brushing is required however you will need to un-clip the dentures daily and make sure no foreign particles are lodged under the acrylic gum. A water-pick is recommended for optimal cleaning. Every 6-12 months you would need to replace the housing and O-rings ensuring the utmost longevity with your new smile.

  • In most cases a full mouth restoration with Snap-On-dentures will be completed within 2 trips of 6 months apart. Once you have completed a full evaluation with our specialists a more constructed treatment plan and time will be presented to you.

  • As in most full restorations the gum is made of an acrylic material, the colour matched to pink hue of your natural gums. The dentures themselves are also made of a high Diamond Acrylic giving you most natural desired look possible.

  • This is the less expensive yet natural looking removable denture that is available, with less than $3,500 USD for both upper and lower arch you can restore your titanium implants with a wonderful new Snap-on-denture. For a more constructed estimate for the full treatment please contact 1 of our dental coordinators.

  • As we are 1 of the only dental clinics here in Cancun with 2 in-house laboratories that are functional for 24hours a day, 7 days a week our highly trained and experienced lab technicians are focused on the precise detail of making your denture look fabulous, from the CAD/CAM technology to the milling process to the extra fine detail of perfecting each crown making sure you are returning home satisfied.

  • To book an appointment all we would need is your travel information and we will organize the rest for you. Simply call our toll-free number 1 888 646 2317 to schedule an evaluation. Of our dental coordinators will be more than happy to assist you.

Implant Supported Bridges

  • When 3 or more teeth are missing, decayed or teeth with a bad prognosis, broken or cracked teeth or root treatments which have failed consecutively in a row they can be removed and replaced with an implant supported bridge, meaning 2 implants will be placed as anchors and a set of fused crowns will be fitted closing the gap and giving you a complete smile.

  • It is recommended to have the teeth extracted with our maxillofacial surgeon. In most cases the extraction and implant is done at the same time therefore you will be saving yourself additional costs and completing the treatment in a faster time frame.

  • To complete this treatment 2 trips is required. The first trip is the surgical stage where our highly experienced maxillofacial surgeon will extract your teeth of needed, place a bone graft and the implant with the help of surgical guiding. Normally a 5 day stay is suggested visiting the clinic an average of 3-4 times. Your second trip, 6 months later, is known as the restorative stage and a recommended stay of 7-10 days is required depending on how many crowns your bridge consist of.

  • For the best quality and long lasting material we would recommend a bridge made of Zirconium. This is a non-metal material that has the strength to support the force of the human bite. With proper cleaning and upkeep this bridge will last you a life time.

  • Yes this is very possible to have an implant supported bridge. To give you the best possible success in treatment 3 implants may be placed instead of 2. This will prevent any weak spots on your bridge making sure it is stable throughout the entire length.

  • Placing implants will prevent bone loss and you will not have the fear of having that sunk-in look in the future. The bone integrates with the titanium implants to ensure the bridge is stable and fixed in place. Due to this integration the bone remains at a desired level.

  • Thank you to our CAD/CAM technology and the well trained eye of our dental technicians with the approval and guidance of Dr. Gilberto Galvez your bridge will look as natural as your adjacent teeth. Most patients also add a whitening to their treatment, leaving home with a complete new beautiful bright smile.

  • The cost of the bridge will depend on how many teeth are missing and how many implants are required to support the bridge. For example if 4 teeth are missing: 2 Titanium implants will be needed to support 4 zirconia crowns this will estimate an average cost of $3,900 USD. Keep in mind that we do not charge for consultation fees, x-rays, additional materials used, lab fees, doctors’ fees, clinic fees, impressions and modules and your transport to and from all appointments. To provide you with a more detailed estimate please contact one of our dental coordinators by dialing the toll-free number 1 888 646 2317


  • This is a new innovative type of orthodontic treatment. These invisible, comfortable and removable type of braces where released for public use in 1997. You will be provided with a set of trays that will adjust and correct your orthodontic concern while they are worn. Invisalign has a high success rate when used as instructed.

  • The 2 biggest differences between normal braces and Invisalign is the appearance and the follow-up appointments. Invisalign is a tray made of a clear BPA-free plastic therefore not very noticeable, compared to the normal metal or ceramic braces where the nodules are quiet visible. The second and most convenient difference is that with Invisalign treatment no regular follow-up appointments are needed unlike traditional braces you would need to return for adjustment every 6-8 weeks.

  • Invisalign works by moving your teeth with a set of aligners. An impression and mold is made before your treatment begins. With the help of our experience orthodontists and modifying the digital model to the desired result a set of aligners are made per tray that will systematically move the teeth to its desired position. Depending on the severity of the case will depend on the amount of aligners that are made and needed.

  • Invisalign is a wonderful treatment for anyone with less severe orthodontic concerns. For example in cases of an extreme over or under bite where a head gear is needed, Invisalign may not be recommended. These extreme cases indicate a more intense situation corrects the position of the jaw not just the repositioning of the teeth.

    Here are a few examples of a good candidate for Invisalign:

    • Mildly crooked teeth.
    • Protruding teeth.
    • Serious malocclusion (imperfect positioning of teeth when mouth closed).
    • Mild overbites (top row of teeth reach down over the bottom row).
    • Mild under bites (bottom row of teeth reach up over the top row).
    • Wide gaps in teeth.
    • Overcrowding of teeth.
    • Open bites.
    • Crossbites (upper teeth on sides of mouth overlap lower row of teeth or vice versa).
    • Excessive overjet’s (central tooth overlap).
  • As the impressions will need to be taken, checked and sent to Invisalign directly a stay of 5 days in needed making sure Invisalign has all the necessary information to go ahead and produce your trays. Once they are ready they will be sent to you back home and you can begin you orthodontic treatment.

  • There are many benefits to an Invisalign treatment, to name a few:

    • They are flexible therefore resulting in less irritation that are known to be caused by traditional braces such as cutting skin on your inner cheek or lip area.
    • As they are clear it adds to the self-confidence that most folks experience when having metal braces.
    • Most foods can be enjoyed due the fact that the trays are removed while eating and then replaced when finished.
    • You do not have to have monthly adjustments.
  • As we are 1 of the only dental clinics here in Cancun with 2 in-house laboratories that are functional for 24hours a day, 7 days a week our highly trained and experienced lab technicians are focused on the precise detail of making your denture look fabulous, from the CAD/CAM technology to the milling process to the extra fine detail of perfecting each crown making sure you are returning home satisfied.

  • To book an appointment all we would need is your travel information and we will organize the rest for you. Simply call our toll-free number 1 888 646 2317 to schedule an evaluation. Of our dental coordinators will be more than happy to assist you.