Full Mouth Restoration

Recover the health, function, and beauty of your smile

A Full Mouth Restoration or Full Mouth Reconstruction(FMR) is a series of procedures to fix serious dental problems such as Malocclusion, temporomandibular joint issues, severe caries, etc;These kinds of treatments usually require the expertise of numerous Dental Specialists, at Smile Makeover Playa del Carmen we count with Dentists totally qualified to solve any complex case.

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Treatments usually used in a Full Mouth Restoration

The entire process of a FMR can take a week, month, or even several years, and generally involves the work of various Specialists such as Maxillofacial Surgeons, Endodontists, Restorative Dentists. These are just a few of all treatments used in a Full Mouth Reconstruction, click the button to see our full offer.

Smile Makeover in Mexico
Treatment Specification Price
Per crown

From $250 USD

Gum Grafting

$350 USD

Tooth Extraction
Per extraction

From $60 USD

Dental Implants
Per implant

From $450 USD

Root Canal Therapy
Any tooth

$250 USD

Partial Denture
Temporary, Metal-Frame

From $300 USD

Why get Full Mouth Reconstruction at Smile Makeover?

The process of getting your FMR can take a week, month, several years and usually involve work by our Maxillofacial surgeon, Endodontists, Restorative Specialists. Smile Makeover is ranked as one of the best dental clinics to get a Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico, we have U.S.A licensed dentists, latest generation technology, and additional benefits, which will get back to you your smile.


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They are part of thousand patients that get a Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico, let us find the best solution for your dental situation, our Specialized Dentists going to help you recover your oral health and get a Perfect Hollywood Smile.


That was the quickest and best experience denistry I’ve ever had

Mailee & Xiong

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Full Mouth restoration Mexico

The service is absolutely worldclass, I highly recommend it

James C.