Review – Mrs. Stit


Dana Stit

Texas, USA

Full Mouth Restoration

  Definitely worth it and I would recommend it to anybody.  

Dana visited us from Texas for a Full Mouth Restoration. She came to Cancun Dental Specialists with fractured teeth, a collapsed bite, restorations with open margins, and teeth with a lot of sensitivity. After a full evaluation by Dr. Gavaldon and our team of specialists, the course of action was to lift the vertical dimension by placing zirconium crowns on her upper and lower posterior teeth, and then placing veneers on the upper and lower anteriors. She required 2 root Canals to complete her dental treatment here in Cancun, and the final outcome was a beautiful smile makeover that had everyone in our clinic smiling from ear to ear! Dana´s full smile makeover took her 10 days to complete, and helped her save thousands of dollars.

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