Orthodontics Braces

There are a lot of things that we factor in here at Smile Makeover Playa Del Carmen when preparing for braces. This is a fairly common treatment done in Playa Del Carmen that is normally followed up by a local Orthodontist in the patient´s home city.

During the evaluation our Orthodontists will check to see the straightness of your teeth, if they meet at correct points, if there is crowding, the condition of your gums, well check for breathing problems and even check for signs of TMJ issues.

Ceramic braces at Smile Makeover

Ceramic Braces

$800 USD
Interlingual braces (orthodontics)

Lingual Braces

$1,200 USD
Regular orthodontics treatment México

Metal Braces

$500 USD

Clear Aligners

For patients looking for a more aesthetic approach to braces, Clear Aligner in Mexico is a perfect solution. Alingner combines 3D Technology with Orthodontics allowing Orthodontists to create precisely calibrated trays made to fit your mouth perfectly and align your teeth as the treatment progresses.

We send your Clear Aligner package with: Remplacement in cause of factory damage, FREE whitening gel, 3D diagnosis and scan, design of your customized orthodontics and remote Tracking of your treatments.

Clear aligners Smile Makeover

Process of Clear Aligners

We carry out an innovative and technological process, starting with a simple impression through a plaster cast, which passes to a digital scanning process to design the new position of the teeth where it will be printed in the final model and obtain the necessary parts for an invisible orthodontic treatment.

Clear Aligners design 1 (Orthodontics)
    Simple impression through a plaster cast
    Clear aligners design 2 (Orthodontics)
      Digital scanning to design the new position
      Clear aligners process (Orthodontics)
        Print in the final model
        Clear aligner design 4 (Orthodontics)
          Model to get a precise clear aligner

          Comparsion Us, U.S. & Australia

          Clear Aligners Costs

          • Smile Makeover-Playa del Carmen
          • Canada or USA
          • Australia

          Clear Aligner, or “Invisible Braces”, usually costs $3,500 – 8,500 USD total. However, the average Cost is about $6,000 USD in United States. A simple Clear Aligner case (a minor teeth movement case that requires few months of treatment) costs about $2,800 USD or slightly less and $3,000 – 4,800 USD for a full case in which the majority of teeth are involved.

          Clear aligner Smile Makeover prices

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