Welcome to Playa del Carmen

The Crown Jewel of the Mayan Riviera

Playa del Carmen is a popular, trendy destination in the Mayan Riviera. It’s location, midway between Cancun and Tulum, makes it the perfect place to stay to make the most of your visit to Mexico.  This city has become the main tourist destination on the Yucatan Peninsula!

The Reason

As the crown jewel of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen is an irresistible location to visit and is one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico. Renowned for it’s silky soft beaches, you’ll find yourself relaxed and sun-kissed in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

All the water adventures you can imagine are popular here including snorkeling, swimming, fishing, sailing, and windsurfing. You can even swim with sharks and get close to stingrays at Xcaret, the city’s outdoor eco-park.

A unique feature of Playa, and part of it’s claim to fame, is 5th Avenue (or La Quinta Avenida). This main thoroughfare, a little over a mile long, runs parallel with the beaches and is a pedestrian only street. La Quinta allows for random strolling, no worries. You’ll find great shopping from high end to flea market type, fantastic restaurants and a big variety of nightspots all along the strip. Pub to club, there’s many to choose from.


Playacar is a gated community comprised of two phases within the charming city of Playa del Carmen.

One of the many advantages of stay in Playacar is that the weather, for over three hundred days a year, is favorable for outdoor living. Walking or cycling the scenic, six kilometer trail which encircles Playacar phase 2, is an excellent way to begin the day. The nearby mesmerizing, turquoise waters, the glorious Mexican sunshine and the palm-fringed sidewalk offer many opportune moments to connect with nature and attain a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of a busy schedule.

Another aspect of Playa del Carmen which makes it an ideal permanent or vacation destination, is the minimal traffic. Although the effervescent urban center is only a five minute drive from Playacar, the quaint community offers almost every convenience within walking distance.  At the furthest point within the exclusive phase 2, guests can access the famed 5th Avenue by foot in thirty to forty minutes.

Shopping & Dinning

5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen features a long stretch of 22 blocks with shops, entertainment, and restaurants. No need to exchange your money as the U.S. currency is widely accepted on this street. With the latest fashions, artisan chocolate, local tequila, and handmade souvenirs, you could spend a whole day on the street and only scratch the surface of what it offers. Making your way down the avenue, you’ll most likely run into street entertainment.

Playa del Carmen has some of the finest dining in the Riviera Maya wherewith high-end restaurants and rooftop bars. For a completely unique dining experience, visit the Alux Restaurant located inside a cavern more than 10,000 years old. Named after the Mayan folklore of magical elves, Alux is a high-end restaurant known for its exotic menu serving spiced deer, wild pig, rabbit stew and royal pheasant, along with a contemporary Mexican menu. If looking for just a drink, guests can order the house cocktail made of rum and Angostura bitters at the bar and take a walk around the caverns.

Getting Around

Playa del Carmen is 42 miles away from Cancun. To get there from Cancun, you can catch a bus from the downtown bus station. You can also travel by colectivo that are located across the street from the downtown Cancun station. They are slightly cheaper, but don’t provide as much luggage room like the first class buses. Either way, it takes about one hour to drive between the two cities.

You can also go directly to Playa del Carmen from the Cancun airport by taking the ADO public bus. The buses are a comfortable with air-conditioning included. The bus will take you to a stop on 5th Avenue and Juarez Avenue. From there, you can take a taxi to your hotel or hop onto another bus to get to the center of town.

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