Prices of Dental Work at Smile Makeover

Please contact our Dental Advisors to discuss your specific case and could get the real cost of your treatment; below are the prices of all treatments offered on our clinic, there also you going to find prices of all the procedures considered to a Full Mouth Restoration or a Smile Makeover.

Each case is different and requires personalized attention

Crowns & Veneers

Type Specification Price Smile Makeover Rates US Pricing Canada
E-max Porcelain Crown
Per crown

$420 USD

$500-$2,500 USD $400-$2,800 USD
Zirconia Crowns
Per crown

$450 USD

$500-$2,500 USD $400-$2,800 USD
Ultra-thin veneer

$420 USD

$800-$2,000 USD $1,800 USD
Porcelain Veneer E-Max
Per-unit (tooth) fees

$420 USD

$925-$2,500 USD $450-$1,800 USD
Composite Resin Veneers
Per tooth

$250 USD

$250-$1500 USD $500-$2000 USD
Dental treatments Costs veneers Mexico
InformationDental Veneers may not be for everyone, If you suffer from TMJ, have short teeth, or severe decay then a Dental Crown might be more appropriate for your case.

Dental Implants

Popular treatment

All on 6

  • Custom Price

  • Save over $20,000 USD

  • Price in USA: $40,000-$56,000

  • 3 permanent restoration options

Type Specification Costs Smile Makeover Price US Price Canada
Mini Dental Implant
Half of a normal-sized implant

$450 USD

$500-$1,500 USD $500-$1,500 USD
Short Dental Implant
Per-unit (tooth) fees

$1,200 USD

From $– USD From $– USD
Regular Implant
Per implant

From $900 USD

$1,000-$3,000 USD $1,500-$6,000 USD
Zirconia Implants
Per tooth

$2,500 USD

$3,000-$6,000 USD From $– USD
Bone Graft

From $200 USD

$300-$800 USD $250-$1,100 USD
Sinus lifting

From $1,500 USD

$1,500-$2,500 USD $1,600-$2,400 USD

Root Canal

Type Specification Price Smile Makeover
Root Canal Therapy
Any tooth

$250 USD

Post/Core Build-up
Including any pins

$150 USD

Per restoration

$200 USD

Per restoration

$350 USD

Root Canal Retreatment
Per restoration

$350 USD

Root Canal Treatment
Including post/core

& standard crown

From $820 USD

That was the quickest and best experience denistry I’ve ever had

Mailee & Xiong

Muy buena atención, recomendado para todos.

Valentina N.


Smile Makeover Cost composite veneers
InformationDental Gum Contouring in Cancun is done using Laser Dentistry to give more comfort to patients during surgery, increase recovery time, reduce the chance of infection, and have better control of the outcome of the surgery.
Type Specification Costs Smile Makeover
Scaling & Root Planing
Per quad

$250 USD

Gum Grafting
Per tooth

$350 USD

Zoom Whitening
Per session

$200 USD

Simple Cleaning

$60 USD

Deep Cleaning

$100 USD


Type Specification Rates Smile Makeover
Simple Extraction
Per extraction

$60 USD

Surgical Extraction
Per extraction

$200 USD

3rd Molar Extraction
Per extraction

$300 USD

My teeth look exactly the way I wanted

Barbara N.

Costs of dental treatments in Mexico are very affordable, however, quality and materials are never compromised.

Contact with our Dental Advisors for a free consultation and an evaluation of your needs